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”Festivals are a sanctuary for orchestrated chaos and joy, making it a home to those of us that want to get lost in the crowd and find a new love for life”.  -Festivalnytt

Hi, we are a collective of writers, photographers and music lovers that believe festivals are heaven on earth, our nirvana. A few years back a passion was born for live music and intimate experiences with the music we so very often listen to. Perhaps it all started one morning when the sun was shining on our tent and we stepped out to what felt like another world unlike anything that we seen before. Maybe it started the first time we felt the sonic waves from the speakers hit our bodies like a drum, it could even have started when we for the first time danced together with thousands of other people to the same techno beat 01.00 in the morning in the middle of the forest. Whether it be Denmark, Iceland, Sweden or Norway where we find festivals that supply our addiction to music as if it were a drug. We always dream of finding a place so legendary that only traveling back in time to Woodstock 1969 could be of comparison.

Since our first festival experience, a whole new terrain of unknown land opened for us to hunt for festivals that we felt we had to see to believe. Since 2012 our collective has visited dozens of festivals in pursuit of the ultimate escape and crown one festival the best in Scandinavia.

On this website we gather all news that relates to the coming festival season. We share festival photos, competitions to win tickets, and let you follow our journey each season.

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