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In a land far far away called Iceland, there is a festival in the heart of its capitol Reykjavik called Secret Solstice. It got it’s name from the unique feature of having 72 hours of uninterrupted sunlight, thanks to a 24-hour midnight sun. Iceland is a country known for its beautiful nature and extraordinary setting.

Secret Solstice going green

Secret Solstice just announced something historical to preserve the environment. Their certification as a Carbon Neutral event. Meaning that all CO2 emissions from production travel, as well as waste, have been compensated for with a corresponding purchase of verified carbon offsets from the rainforest conservation project Makira REDD+ in Madagascar. To become even cooler in the eyes of the eco-friendly community, Secret Solstice is implementing a geothermal energy program to provide 100% of its on-site energy needs from Iceland’s active volcanoes.

The experience: Glacier Party, Boat Party, and VIP tickets

One thing that set Secret Solstice apart from other festivals is the ability to purchase unique experiences apart from the actual festival. For example, although the event sold-out quickly the ”once in a lifetime” opportunity to party in a glacier could have been yours for 280 Euros (320 USD). This is the only experience of its kind according to Secret Solstice, the experience is limited to an audience of 100 which provides and even more exclusive setting for the artist that will play at the event. However, going to the event means missing parts of the scheduled programming seeing as it is held once a day during the 3 day festival. Secret Solstice festival will even include the 2016 Midnight Sun Boat Party during the Secret Solstice 2016 festival weekend. After being shuttled from the Secret Solstice festival site to the city’s harbour, you’ll sail out from Reykjavík into the North Atlantic at the stroke of midnight, towards experiencing the setting sun touch the Earth’s horizon before rising back up again. Entertainment in the form of epic DJ acts on board will keep the party going well into the early hours of the morning. Only 200 tickets are available for this exclusive Secret Solstice 2016 side event, so once again you’d better be fast to guarantee your place on the boat party.


On the less impressive side, most festivals give the option for a VIP experience for those that hate standing in line and want to feel a little more special. At Secret Solstice you can purchase the privilege for 257 €, which is 74€ more than the standard ticket  price. For these 74€ extra all you receive is basically priority entrance and access to a few VIP bars. As a festival expert I would say, take those 74€ wait in line, buy 3-4 beers at the time together with friends and together you have beer to last a few hours with no need to go back into line.


Don’t expect to many mainstream headliners, this is a festival that caters to a very niché market of music lovers that look past whats commercial on the radio waves. Many names you will have never have heard of so if you considering going than we recommend that you take your time to listen through the Secret Solstice playlist  we made that summarizes the best international acts playing. To our surprise what we found was a truly pleasant line-up with much soul, deep house, Hip-Hop, techno, rock n roll and DnB. Good festival music that compliments its setting very nicely. In total we give the line-up a solid 8/10. Ten being the most complete in terms of having a good mix of music that will leave visitors with a euphoric journey into what makes music a beautiful experience.

Best announced so far: Die Antwoord, Voyeur, Kerri Chandler, Skream, Action bronson, Flatbush Zombies, Chez Damier, Darius Syrossian, Deetron, Paranoid London, Slow Magic, Section Boys and Robert Owens. 



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